Looking to print on plastic, styrene, vinyl or static cling? We have the experience and equipment to print on the most difficult substrates in the industry. Our KBA and Komori presses are configured with multiple interstation UV lamps to maximize the results and provide the best print quality available today.

Have you considered UV printing for your uncoated paper projects? The ink holdout and drying characteristics provide a superior look and feel on most uncoated stocks. Additionally, we can incorporate special printing techniques such as UV dispersion, light-fast UV inks and opaque white.

Some perfect applications for UV printing include:

-Translites/Backlit Signs
-Annual Reports
-Corporate Brochures
-Retail Signage
-Static Cling
-Floor Graphics
-POP Displays
-UV Gloss or Dull Coated Brochures
-Semi-Permanent Displays
...and many more