Personalized URLs are the most effective online response option available today, and have been shown to boost campaign response rates by 30% - 400%.

43% of people prefer to respond to direct marketing online. This means, every direct marketing campaign should include an effective online response option.

As a longtime leader in new technologies, Color Ink has the experience and know-how to help make your marketing Purl campaign a success. Purl's can be effectively used on E-Mail Blasts or Direct Mail promotions.

Simplified, here's how a typical Purl promotion works:

The first step is putting the Purl on your promotional piece to pique customer interest.

When the user types in their Personalized URL, they are immediately presented with a highly personalized Landing Page that greets them by name and also provides relevant information based on their profile. You're free to customize this area in any way to get the response or give the user the information you want.

Throughout the entire interaction, our Purl's tracking and reporting platform captures the user's information and provides you with deep insight into their visit and response behavior.