Color Ink is a G7 Master Certified printer. The International Digital Enterprise Alliance G7 Master qualification program only certifies those companies that have been trained to proof and print using the new G7 methodology - we're proud to have achieved this distinction!

All of our proofs and printing follow the strict G7 International Standards for consistent color and quality. Not only are our proofing machines calibrated to all of our presses and other devices, but what we proof or print here will be an exact color match to proofs or printing done anywhere in the world by other G7 Certified printers. The G7 standard is fast becoming very important to customers that are printing projects in different parts of the world to maintain uniform color.

What does G7 Certification mean to you:

-The assurance that your proof represents your file and the press sheets will match your proof.
-Costly travel for on-site press checks can be eliminated.
-Faster make ready time results in less paper waste.
-Color consistency is maintained throughout the press run.
-Uniform color for projects printed in various geographical areas.